February 2015


February 2015

During the month of February 2015, in Romania, the Criminal Procedural Law has been affected by a new admission of an constitutional challenge, regarding art. 374 paragraph (7) second thesis from the Penal Procedure Code of Romania.

A decision of admittance of the constitutional challenge also affected art. 19 from Law no. 682/2002 regarding witness protection.

The Regulation regarding the transfer and detachment of judges and prosecutors and the Regulation regarding the organization and development of the promotion exam for judges and prosecutors have undergone changes as the Superior Council of Magistracy has decided.

Finally, in the field of accountancy and financial and tax law, the Accounting regulation regarding the single-entry bookkeeping system and Regulation no. 2/2015 regarding the activity of periodic and unforeseen control by the IRS have been published.

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