Prof. univ. dr. Grigore Gr. THEODORU

(10/12/1919 – 16/10/2015)

In Memoriam

Born and raised in a family of legal professionals (his father was a lawyer), Prof. Ph.D. Grigore Gr. THEODORU attended, during 1930 – 1938, The National High School in Iași, which he graduated as valedictorian. During 1938 – 1942, he was a full-time student of the Faculty of Law within „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iași. The legal status of trade unions in Romania was the subject of his doctoral research, based on which, on the 30th of June 1947, he was awarded the Ph.D. degree in Law.

His prestigious teaching career began on the 1st of June 1945, when he became a teaching assistant at the Faculty of Law in Iași. He, then, successively ascended to higher academic ranks by becoming associate professor on the 15th of December 1948, professor on the 15th of September 1967, consulting professor on the 1st of July 1987 and emeritus professor on the 29th of October 2009.

The scientific research activity of Prof. Ph.D. Grigore Gr. Theodoru was essential in the doctrinal evolution of criminal procedural law. His scientific works contributed to the correct understanding of the specific institutions of criminal procedure, to the uniform interpretation and application of law in judicial practice, while many of his de lege ferenda proposals were taken over in the activity of lawmaking. Professor Theodoru’s scientific works, elaborated and published both in Romania and abroad, represent fundamental landmarks in legal literature and judicial practice. His constant interest in scientific research made possible the issuance and then the updated issuance of his books on Criminal Procedural Law (in 1959-1961, 2 volumes, 706 pages; 1968, 2 volumes, 607 pages; 1971, 1974, 2 volumes, 590 pages; 1979, one volume (in collaboration), 764 pages; 1986-1987, 2 volumes (in collaboration), 764 pages; 1996-1998, 2 volumes, 1074 pages). The valuable solutions in Prof. Theodoru’s Treatise of Criminal Procedural Law, published by Hamangiu Publishing House, Bucharest, in three editions (2007, 2009 and 2013), became legal principles and were used by the legislature in the elaboration of the new Code of Criminal Procedure. The monographic work on The Theory and Practice of Criminal Recourse, issued in two editions by the same publisher, represents a rigorous analysis of the role and place of recourse in the system of appeals in criminal proceedings. Over 80 studies published in national journals, such as The Scientific Annals of „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University – Legal sciences section, The Yearbook of the Center for Social Sciences in Iași, Bucharest Legal Studies and Research, New Justice, The Romanian Journal of Law, The Review of Criminal Law, as well as 9 studies published abroad complete the scientific work of Professor Theodoru.

Participation in international scientific events was another constant concern of Prof. Theodoru. He was rapporteur and speaker in the legal field, on behalf of the Romanian delegation to the Romanian-French days, which took place in: Paris – Orléans, November 1971; Bucharest – Iași, November 1974; Paris – Rennes, October 1983. He attended, as rapporteur for Romania, the International Congresses organized by: The International Association of Criminal Law (Budapest -1974, Hamburg – 1979); The International Society of Comparative Law (Budapest, 1978); The International Society of Criminology and The International Society of Social Defense (Milan, 1983). Likewise, he participated as rapporteur and speaker in the International Conferences on Criminal Law: Szeged (1978), Syracuse (1982), Cairo (1973), University of Ghent, Belgium (1977).

Concurrently with his teaching and research activities, Professor Theodoru participated as a lawyer in the accomplishment of justice. During June 1945 – July 1987 he was a lawyer with Iași Bar. For the period November 26, 1970 – July 1, 1987, he was president of the College of Lawyers of Iași.

As scientific coordinator of doctoral studies, Professor Theodoru guided 50 Ph.D. students who have become personalities of the Romanian legal and scientific field.

In recognition of his contribution to the science of criminal procedural law, Prof. Ph.D. Grigore Gr. Theodoru received numerous scientific awards and titles: correspondent member of the Academy of Social and Political Sciences (1970-1990); Chairman of the Scientific Society of Criminal Law in Romania (1974-1984); member of the Board (1974-1984) and honorary member (1984-2000) of the International Association of Criminal Law based in Paris; the Award of the Ministry of Education for the work Criminal Procedural Law, 2 volumes, 1959-1961; „Simion Bărnuțiu” Award of the Romanian Academy in 1973; Excellence Award for the work Treatise of Criminal Procedural Law, in 2007.

We are confident that the life, teaching activity and scientific research of Professor Grigore Gr. THEODORU will be reflected in a monographic work.

Iași, the 25th of May 2016

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