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As regards the activity performed by the High Court of Cassation and Justice, in October 2015, an appeal in the interest of the law was published in the Official Journal of Romania regarding any provisions of the Civil Code, the Code of Tax Procedure the Government Ordinance no. 9/2000 on the level of the legal interest for monetary obligations and the Government Ordinance no. 13/2011 on the penalty and remunerative legal interest for monetary obligations, and regarding certain financial and fiscal measures in the banking sector.


Likewise, several decisions rendered for clarifying certain legal issues were published in the Official Journal of Romania regarding the Civil Code, the Code of Civil Procedure, the Law of local public administration no. 215/2001 and Law no. 554/2004 on Administrative Litigation, Law no. 263/2010 on the unitary system of public pensions, Law no. 63/2011 on employment and salaries in 2011 for teachers and auxiliary teaching staff and Law no. 303/2004 on the statute of judges and prosecutors.

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